WOW Kits

These kits are sure to make your eyes open wide!

Astonish yourself and your friends!

Science begins with a sense of astonishment, begin your exploration of science with these toys and kits!

Great for parties, wow your friends!

Product List
Make Anaglyph glasses and learn all about 3D! The Kit contains a DVD with 2 GB+ of VIDEO CLIPS and IMAGES, All in 3D!
Do you know you can make beautiful curves using just straight lines? Give free rein to your creativity with this kit that combines maths with art!
Fractals are strange objects: parts of a fractal look exactly like the whole! Fractals are studied in advanced maths, but you can get a flavour of fractals by making these beautiful fractal cards
Illusions are fun to look at, but they are also used by scientists to understand how our brains work. Kit contains DVD With hundreds of optical and Auditory Illusions!
When you place a mirror on a picture and look into the mirror, you see strange images: the picture and its reflection can combine in surprising ways! This book has puzzles where you are given a master image and a target image, you have to create the target by placing the mirror suitably on the master! 6 masters and 66 target images!
Kit contains 8 patterns on transparent plastic and 20 patterns on card: Place any transparent pattern on a card pattern, see an amazing new pattern form and change as you move the cards! More than 150 different patterns to Explore and Enjoy!
Look at these beads in the room and they are an uninteresting white. Take them into the sun and they turn into different colours! These beads absorb UV from sunlight and convert it into visible light. Make a bracelet or a mobile strap with the beads!
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