Project Kits

Do you have a science fair coming up?

Do you need to make a model to show principles of science?

These kits give you ideas, materials and explanations for your next project!

Product List
Two cameras for you to make: a pinhole camera and a lens camera. Understand how images are formed in an actual camera!
Make your own constellation charts with glow-in-the-dark stickers! Accurate representations of Leo, Orion, Hercules and Ursa Major!
Do you know you can make beautiful curves using just straight lines? Give free rein to your creativity with this kit that combines maths with art!
Just over 400 years ago, Galileo revolutionised Astronomy by making his own telescope and looking at the skies! Recreate the excitement of that moment by making your own telescopes, using lenses similar to the ones Galileo used! Use the telescope you make to look both at a distant building and the sky!
Illusions are fun to look at, but they are also used by scientists to understand how our brains work. Kit contains DVD With hundreds of optical and Auditory Illusions!
Copernicus and Kelprer realized that the planets go around the Sun and scientists like Newton showed how to find out exactly where they are. This kit shows you the positions of the classical planets (Mercury to Saturn) for any day from April 1 2000 to March 31 2021.
The first clocks in the world were sundials, that used the movement of the Sun in the sky to tell the time. Today there are hundreds of different sundial designs, some easy to make, some difficult, all fascinating for what they tell us about our star! This kit shows you how to make 5 such sundials, ranging from the simplest to complex!
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