Playing with toys and kits enables a young girl or boy to learn science in the best way possible: by exploring and experimenting with the world around us, not by reading text books or encyclopediae!

Doing experiments requires equipment; maybe something as simple as a mirror or something as difficult to obtain as a diffraction grating!

Ignite is an effort to provide young students with ideas and equipment for participating in the greatest of human activities: SCIENCE!

About Zeal

Zeal Educational Services was set up in September 2002 by Dr. B R Sitaram and Ms. Sandhya Sitaram to provide specific educational services to institutions. Since then, we have worked with schools in various cities in India and Dhaka (Bangladesh). We have organised teacher-interaction workshops based on "The Third Way" and helped in setting up mathematical laboratories. We also regularly conduct programs with students at our Ahmedabad office. Ignite is one of the major new activities of Zeal.