Fun Pack


Ages : 5+

What can you do with it?
  • Make 12 different models/puzzles/paradoxes
  • Make Benham's disk: watch colors appear magically
  • Watch a paper helicopter spiral gracefully through the air and a flying fish spin as it floats down
  • Make a monkey climb up and down a string!
  • Challenge your friends to balance the M shape on their fingertips and show how easy it is when they fail!
  • Investigate paradoxes: the Vanishing Leprechaun, the vanishing line, 441=442 and understand how they work.
  • Puzzle your friends with Constant Sum Strips, the Magic 9
  • Read your friends' mind using the Window reader and Binary cards

Skills Required:
  • Cutting and pasting. Some pieces have to be cut with paper cutter, adult supervision may be needed

The Manual accompanying the kit has detailed instructions for each item and an explanation of how it works.

Price: Rs 300


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