Experiment Kits

Do you like to try things on your own?

Do you like to discover the laws of science by doing experimens, rather than by reading a book?

These kits have many experiments for you to perform!

Product List
A kit that contains 12 activities for you to perform. Puzzles to try on your friends, toys to make and play with, guaranteed hours of fun and learning!
When you place a mirror on a picture and look into the mirror, you see strange images: the picture and its reflection can combine in surprising ways! This book has puzzles where you are given a master image and a target image, you have to create the target by placing the mirror suitably on the master! 6 masters and 66 target images!
Mirrors are used everyday in so many ways, but do you know how and where an image is formed in a plane mirror? What is lateral inversion? What happens if you have a curved mirror? What happens if you have multiple mirrors? Experiment with plain and flexible mirrors, solve fascinating puzzles related to reflection.
One of the most fascinating and advanced properties of light is polarization, something that is used in Polaroid glasses and in 3d movies. Understand this phenomenon by doing experiments with polarizers and analyzers.
Strange things happen when an object is rotated: black dots become coloured, sometimes they appear stationery, objects fly away from the axis of rotation! Explore these phenomena with our rotation kit.
How do we know that the Sun has Hydrogen and Helium in it? Has someone gone to the Sun and found out? Make our spectroscopes and find out exactly how scientists find out!
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