Ages : 10+

What can you do with it?
  • Make beautiful and realistic images of 4 constellations using glow-in-the dark stars
    1. The Great Bear (Ursa Major)
    2. Leo
    3. Hercules
    4. Orion
  • Learn about constellations in general
  • Learn about the 4 specific constellations: their main stars and the legends behind them

Connection with curriculum:
  • Learning about stars, constellations and properties of some important stars.
  • Manual includes an FAQ which has answers to many questions on constellations and stars.

Skills Required:
  • Ability to plot coordinates on graph paper (the instruction booklet explains how to do this but younger students may need assistance)

The kit has been specially designed to be as realistic as possible, with correctly shaped stars! Stars available in three sizes, based on their brightness!

Price: Rs 300


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