Ages : 10+

What can you do with it?
  • Make a pinhole camera.
    • Study the effects of moving the screen near and far away from the hole and observe that the image is always in focus.
    • See how the size and brightness of the image changes as you move the screen
    • Understand why the screen is placed inside the tube
  • Make a lens camera
    • Observe the need for focusing
    • Observe the effect of reducing the aperture of the lens

Connection with curriculum:
  • Optics: Lenses, pin-hole cameras and image formation, lens cameras and image formation with lenses.

Skills Required:
  • Cutting of corrugated board with a paper cutter. Adult supervision may be needed.

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN SCIENCE BETWEEN THE LENS CAMERA YOU WILL BE MAKING AND A CAMERA YOU BUY IN THE MARKET! The differences are in the quality of the lens, the quality of the body and the use of tracing paper to see the image, instead of using a film or a Charge-Coupled-Device to capture the image.

Price: Rs 300


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